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6:01 PM

I think we all want to know if masturbation will now be considered an inappropriate sexual relationship with a subordinate.

5:37 PM

Lots of us have been there. Working two jobs just to afford rent in an expensive city. Keep your head up Sundar, you’ll get there one day if you just never stop believing in yourself.

11:17 AM

Man, there are an awful lot of people in the comments who either don’t understand labor law or seem aggressively opposed to it. And that’s a shame. Forty years of conservative talking points have convinced people that they should be so pleased to have the pleasure to perform work for an employer that the employer Read more

11:02 AM

Google’s management just keeps screwing this up. They’re over-reacting to stuff like the Google walkout and Google employees talking to the media, and pouring gasoline on the fire. Read more

7:10 PM

I mean “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” generally applies in corporate America. If a company decides to fire you because of your conduct, policy or not, that is their right. On the other Google really should respect their employees and be as fair as they can. Read more

4:06 PM

The comparison to saw mills and foundries is pretty interesting. I could be wrong but I believe in both of those places there are two key differences/factors at play Read more

12:28 PM

Even if these numbers were recorded over the busy season it still shows a ridiculous amount of injuries.  It’s time to rethink using Amazon.  I’ve been using other sites more and more.  Other companies have already caught up and offer similar delivery dates and improved their customer service.

4:41 PM

Isn’t this a little too close to winter setting in for any bird to be laying eggs?

4:20 PM

With the leaves down I made an unexpected discovery that I drive by a farm field with a few tall trees and an eagle nest on my way to work.

12:44 AM

I worked for Rev for a while and quickly discovered that it’s not even good enough for a side hustle. The quality of the audio you need to transcribe is nearly always horrible, and even working very quickly the best money you could make is about $8/hr. That would even require getting carpal tunnel over time. If Read more

11:54 PM

Everyone in the gig economy should be unio ized. Across countries. They will. Keep abusing is if not. The other is developing decentralized and peer to peer ways of working that are not top down. We will keep loosing to the internet otherwise. 

7:26 PM

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate that if everything went perfectly and these poor bastards got a modest raise - they would still be making under 13 dollars an hour. Read more

5:29 PM

I do some freelance work for Rev, and I was actually unaware of the EXISTENCE of the forum until Sarah Emerson from Medium reached out to me and pointed out that other users had mentioned it. Read more

12:08 PM

I got to being the second tier of Revver for a while, but stopped for a while to wait for Line to debut for all Revvers... only to find out, once it came out, that I had to either quit the video captioning side or take the extra time to get both captioning and transcription up to the middle tier. It wasn’t available Read more

11:56 AM

If Gizmodo had any pride, they’d main text this comment. 

11:12 AM

Thank you for this clarification. I am a Revver also and I feel like people outside of Rev aren’t really aware of how hard this job is.