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4:05 PM

I will accept this if you promise to stop doing the slideshow stories that don’t function... My readable content has been halved by those fuckers.

12:48 PM

Per the 2nd one, in my experience it also seems like engineering has a surprising amount of turnover even in good years. Our jobs can easily come and go with development cycles AND economic cycles. Some industries are worse than others though. But at least there’s usually something else available in all but the worst Read more

12:08 PM

2019 was a rough year. I’ve been contracting for the last few years, and I ended up leaving a particularly crappy one last July. Long story short, it took about five months to find another one and I ended up moving back in with my folks. A lot of that was my own stupidity, but then 2020 hit and it now it feels like a Read more

11:35 AM

My wife and I purchased our first home essentially the day after our city issued its stay-at-home order, one week after I was switched to part-time, and two weeks after a 6-year project was cancelled just before completion. I realize I’m lucky to have a multiple income household, my health, and a reasonable mental Read more

9:31 AM

Hope those idiots realize that movie is considered an allegory for coming out, but then when did stupid people start using any reference correctly? Helped found Paypal, founded Tesla and SpaceX, fucks up a Matrix reference 👏

4:04 PM

Everyone’s so hard on Musk, but we were all once teenagers too! I mean I certainly remember shutting down at perceived slights and naming my computers after cool airplanes... oh he’s how old? Read more

4:46 PM

Send me an email and I can connect you to the author of that entry!

12:36 PM

I thought he was struggling with the idea that things further away from the camera appear smaller.

5:45 PM

5 miles a day is very doable (I average 8/day this year so far) and makes the idea of “ultra running” a lot more accessible to a wider audience even though doing ~120 5 mile runs back to back to back to back (etc.) is still not an “ultra” in the definable terms. Read more

2:55 PM

While 5 miles is quite short in the long distance world, doing it every single day for 4 months can cause a lot more damage than one might think if you’re not skilled in both running and recovery. It’s similar to a boxers taking a body shot. Even if they don’t all land perfect, that damage really starts to build as Read more

12:41 PM

As an experienced, albeit slow, ultra-runner, I was able to participate in the event. It was truly something wonderful. My entire racing year has largely been destroyed so when the chance came to participate, I couldn’t resist. For the 10 hours I ran, it was wonderful to have the zoom distraction. To connect with Read more

5:01 PM

Well, I have been building a lot of clocks — and there are cheap ebay kits from China for LED clocks in particular that are quick and satisfying ways to practice through-hole technique. I have a transistor AM/FM radio kit that I’m about to start. I wanted to learn surface-mount techniques and there are some cheap Read more

1:41 PM

This is the spirit of adventure I was looking for in these comments. Hats off to you for your weeks-long trek in the rugged indoors. I admire you. I can’t go more than a few days until I start feeling icky.

1:39 PM

I’ve gone back to building dumb electronics kits, and smoking a tobacco pipe in the afternoons with a cup of tea.

12:15 PM

I’m not proud to admit it, but I’m way ahead of the curve on this one. About 15 years ago I decided to take the summer off after the start-up I worked for agreed to cash me out since I helped them get beyond the initial phase of getting them off the ground. I agreed to help an former boss with some consulting work Read more

4:34 PM

Pai is the FCC chairman, not FTC. And he’s unfortunately still around.

4:06 PM

Any company involved will probably face a multi-thousand dollar fine. That’ll teach them.

4:29 PM

I am a Southern California resident.  Lately, outside of most stores (Target, Lowes, etc.) are people gathering signatures.  Their tag line is, “Would you like to keep Uber in California?” and people are stopping in droves to sign the petition without actually asking any questions about what their actually signing.