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Sep 25

Could be. But most of these were things marked as on sale on Meijer’s website. I’d be more likely to guess it was someone looking to resell stuff

Aug 24

or, one floppy for the CD drivers, and the CD. The drivers became standard by Win98SE. fml i forget the name of them, something-wood.. kenwood, forest drivers or something. I have oodles of old CD’s for repairs on pc’s from back then, and with it I kept/keep my floppy disc with those drivers still.
Haven’t used in so Read more

Aug 18

Aah, 1984... I drove a classic Good Humor truck that summer. I was blessed to have a row of physical bells on a swivel, actuated by a rope that hung just below the (useless) rearview mirror, that terminated in an avacodo green phone handset. Read more

Jul 28

How quaint. It only took 9 years from the filing date to break up AT&T. Trust busting is a little more work than the one day in US History when they told us Monopolies were Evil, and the many more days learning about Vanderbilt and Morgan and Hearst. America loves Monopoly! I’m totally confident the Justice Department Read more

Jun 25

It’s not a ban on the creation of the software but of federal use (which would trickle down to state and local use). Read more

Jun 25

I feel for Charles, and I am right there with him. Also in Ohio and also essential but non medical. Still working, same hours (more actually) but its really hard to sleep when a lot of the furloughed neighbors are blowing off fireworks and having loud parties till 4 a.m.  I am glad they are enjoying themselves, but, Read more

Jun 22

The cop that tried to carry off his legs needs to be fired, ASAP- and his pension forfeited.

Jun 7

I'm going to put my money on a pair of "Blue Lives Matter" folks, and some cops with sub-par observational skills. Seems more likely some cops got duped, than that they thought of a stunt like this. 

Jun 2

I will accept this if you promise to stop doing the slideshow stories that don’t function... My readable content has been halved by those fuckers.

May 28

Per the 2nd one, in my experience it also seems like engineering has a surprising amount of turnover even in good years. Our jobs can easily come and go with development cycles AND economic cycles. Some industries are worse than others though. But at least there’s usually something else available in all but the worst Read more

May 28

2019 was a rough year. I’ve been contracting for the last few years, and I ended up leaving a particularly crappy one last July. Long story short, it took about five months to find another one and I ended up moving back in with my folks. A lot of that was my own stupidity, but then 2020 hit and it now it feels like a Read more

May 28

My wife and I purchased our first home essentially the day after our city issued its stay-at-home order, one week after I was switched to part-time, and two weeks after a 6-year project was cancelled just before completion. I realize I’m lucky to have a multiple income household, my health, and a reasonable mental Read more

May 23

Hope those idiots realize that movie is considered an allegory for coming out, but then when did stupid people start using any reference correctly? Helped found Paypal, founded Tesla and SpaceX, fucks up a Matrix reference 👏