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Sep 29

Seems like you have some personal stuff to sort out. I’ll be banning you from the Gizmodo comments now.

Sep 26

Heh. Wasn’t trying to drag meijer’s good name through the mud--just a point of reference that it’s a big store that sells nearly everything

Sep 25

Could be. But most of these were things marked as on sale on Meijer’s website. I’d be more likely to guess it was someone looking to resell stuff

Jul 24

Hi, I’ve been writing for this website for 4+ years and it’s consistently embarrassing to see what a cluttered piece of shit the UX is now. I’m sorry. I’d change it if I could.

May 23

The paragraph you’re referring to is written in the past tense. To that end, when Musk made the decision to give his workers that ultimatum he could not have known such a deal would be cut.

May 22

You’re totally right--I was looking at New York’s numbers without realizing it. Good catch. And good lord has it been a long, long week

May 21

Send me an email and I can connect you to the author of that entry!

May 9

I think the issue here is that an awful lot of people currently cannot work because of social distancing guidelines. You’re talking about economics-as-usual where this is closer to triage 

Apr 29

So that’s roughly... 5 miles and change a day? Seems a lot more doable for someone like me who absolutely does not have the endurance for even a half marathon. But damn, four months is a very, very long time. Read more

Mar 17

I’m so sorry and likewise hope this isn’t too long-lasting. Any idea what you’re going to do in the meantime?

Mar 17

I’d be interested to know what sort of cleaning measures are considered sufficient for an entire power plant

Mar 17

Be happy to talk to you or your wife (or both of you!) as part of this series if you’re interested. Fill out the form or send an email if you don’t mind--I tend to be pretty hands-off in the comments 

Mar 17

I’m so sorry... my partner is also in the music business and her clients have completely dried up. Please fill out the form or send me an email if you want your story included in this series

Mar 17

If you two would like to have your story included in this series please fill out the form or send me an email. Either way, best of luck to you both