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9:18 AM

Over the years I have enjoyed reading Jia Tolentino’s work in both the New Yorker and on Jezebel but I did not read Jia profile instead I elected to read Luna’s. I am tired of reading features on Brooklyn base writers (even those individuals whose writing I admire) however I never tire of profiles on companion Read more

9:57 AM

Maybe you’re new here - Pissing Contest is not a particularly good place for “short answers.” We want to hear all the gory details!!

11:14 AM

if you now, like me, cant stop thinking about rats, check out robert sullivan’s book. it’s really good Read more

3:53 PM

There’s a slightly larger issue as a whole that the Taxi and Livery Industry does not function the same way as your typical business. Uber and Lyft came in to try and legitimize a portion of the industry. They actually hurt the value that was in the Taxi Medallions as well as closing down many of the local Livery cabs Read more

3:38 PM

I’m glad I never used either service. The business model was always going to be bad for the drivers.

3:34 PM

Uber is B-Lining to fully autonomous cars. (I have friends who work at corporate and we chat about this regularly). All protests and rallies are doing is effectively SPEEDING UP the rate in which the drivers (ALL DRIVERS) will lose their jobs. For them the math is simple. Purchase price of a fleet of fully autonomous Read more

3:15 PM

I always thought that driving for Uber was supposed to be a side hustle, which makes me wonder: why would someone have quit another job to do it full-time, or at least not seek out other employment?

2:04 PM

Uber had no desire to compete in the market. They priced themselves so that they could crush cab companies, first with lower fare, and better wages. They changed their model right quick when the competition was weak. Uber created the abuses. Uber is responsible for destroying the driver economy, and in working as Read more

12:50 PM

The work that taxi unions will do will help the scabs that joined  Lyft and Uber to the detriment of taxi unions. I hope they appreciate it.

12:48 PM

I always thought of these ride sharing jobs as supplemental income. I mean, it’s right there in the name “ride sharing”. You are going for a ride somewhere (work, home, shopping), so you logon to the app and share your ride with someone else for money. Read more

11:14 AM

Also, uh, Joe Lieberman and his wife made a surprise cameo appearance???