Carly Rae Jepsen Goes Full-On Cat Lady, Iggy Azalea Falls Flat, and Selena Gomez Snores

Yeah: Carly Rae Jepsen, “Now That I Found You” (video) - This peculiar video stars one cat as the object of Carly’s obsession, which then multiplies into many cats. The cat is creepy at first; it watches Carly shower and does that thing cats do where they sit upright like humans, but ultimately it’s another living…

Of Course Olivia Jade Was On a USC Official's Yacht as the College Admissions Scandal Broke

It’s only a matter of time before noted vlogger and University of Southern California freshman Olivia Jade, whose mother Lori Loughlin allegedly bribed the school with $500,000 to admit her daughter, releases some kind of YouTube apology or tearful explainer about what’s going on. Until then, there’s TMZ—and the…

Mariah Carey Brings Glamour to the NYC Subway, Louis Tomlinson Mourns, and New Maren Morris

Y: Mariah Carey, “A No No” (video) - This video looks like a giant bag of cotton candy exploded in a subway car and everybody just proceeded to have a good time dancing while Mariah Carey stood by singing and looking glamorous. Note her use of air quotes when she sings “irregardless.” Obviously, it’s showtiiime! —