Free Dom
Feb 23

ROFL...neighbors and parents “discovered” the site, huh? Any word on which dad or dads outed her to the rest? Jesus is fine with us LOOKING at OnlyFans,’s only the posters who need to be kicked out. You couldn’t pay me to send my kids to a Catholic school. 

Feb 22

“I often spend a few idle minutes wondering what America would look like if air travel went back to being ridiculously expensive and we all just drove to Wally World instead of flying to Hawaii.”  Read more

Feb 20

Some people join local gov’t because they genuinely want to serve. But there’s a substantial portion that are attracted to it because they’re snarky, selfish, power hungry assholes. It’s like HOA Boards writ large. 

Feb 19

I’ve purchased six cars from dealerships. I haven’t been detained once. I did have to wait the first time because it takes then for-effing-EVER to process paperwork, but after that I learned my lesson. The next five times I told them to have the paperwork ready when I got there and made sure they already had copies of Read more

Feb 19

My girlfriend and I go to Kayser Ford, in Madison WI. She’s looking for a new car. We test drive a car that she really likes and she gives them the keys to her car to get it appraised. Meanwhile, the salesman is just... awful. He’s not very good at playing salesman games but he keeps trying. He gets the valuation for Read more

Feb 19

Mine was in 2006, at a Ford dealership in either Burbank or North Hollywood (I forget which). I was tired of dealing with my manual Mazda Protege in LA traffic, and wanted to trade it in on an automatic Focus. They had the car I wanted (ZX3 SE, in black) so we sat down to figure out the deal. I handed the Mazda keys Read more

Feb 18

The cellphone thing comes from back when batteries were a separate component that clipped onto the back of the phone. It was possible to generate a spark between the contacts on the battery and the phone if the fitting was loose, say if you’re one of those people who compulsively unclip/clip things with clips on them Read more

Feb 18

I have joined forums for every vehicle I’ve owned... even the boring ones.  Good place to get questions answered or put a question out to the hive mind.  

Feb 18

There are other reason to not buy a Tesla over the price. For example, I need service I just bring it...ooohh right.
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