Oct 6

When they turn on him it will happen in the blink of an eye. Then they’ll all act like they were against Trump from the beginning. Read more

Oct 2

I don’t think it is cool, I just think that the following generations have realized, on the whole, that boomers are a fucking plague akin to locusts, who have demonstrated time and again that it is all about them getting theirs and fuck everyone else. Read more

Oct 2

the easiest way to make a boomer angry is to accurately describe their behavior

Sep 30

Friendly reminder that Minshew once tried to get a medical redshirt by chugging Jack Daniels and smashing his own hand with a hammer Read more

Sep 27

Nothing will change but i, for one, am greatly enjoying the curtain being pulled back on the fact that money /= intelligence and/or worth. Read more

Sep 26

5' 11" is like the tuesday of heights. every day has a ‘feel’ except tuesday.

Sep 24

SCOTUS is a fucking pawn for the GOP. Entirely. Doesn’t matter if it’s an inch or a mile, winning is winning and they’ve got 4 votes in the bag for every single thing they want to do, including the nightmare scenarios. Read more

Sep 24

Unless someone outside of the two party system wins presidency this year (am outside possibility!) Trump will never be prosecuted for his crimes. That doesn't happen in this country regardless of the crime. Nixon, Reagan, Bush, and Cheney are clear examples of that. 

Sep 23

I am seeing your point. Your point is they’d never do that, and even if they did, folks would defend the Constitution. Read more

Sep 23

I admire your naivete. All of this, all of our social structure, is based on a mutual agreement of following the Social Contract. There is nothing to prevent anyone from invalidating the SC, even less so if you’re powerful. If Trump, and the Senate (by their own voting) said ‘we’re suspending Habeus Corpus (like we Read more