Florence Ion
I cover Android, the smart home, laptops, and mechanical keyboards for Gizmodo. You might've heard me on a podcast once.
Apr 28

I charge the Jiobit every afternoon after her caregiver leaves. They promise up to a week of battery. It’s usually around 85-90 percent when I place it on the dock, depending how often I checked in during a six hour period or so. 

Apr 22

I use a thermal printer to do the same thing! The Instax printer is just too pricey because it requires film. 

Apr 27 2020

Back in the day when you could freely shop at Daiso, I would buy packs of velcro strips. I now have a mass of these things around the house for grouping together loose and too-long cables. I’ve even hot glued a few to the backs of furniture to make it easy to track the cable along the edge. 
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