Langdon Alger
Jul 2

You call that a song??? That’s not a song!!!” -Dad Sparrows (probably)

Jun 25

You can’t rely on corporations to do the right thing. You have to Trojan horse the right thing in a capitalist agenda. This is a perfect example. Disney has a ride themed on IP they can’t make any more money off of (Song of the South). They have other IP that is more recent and not being fully leveraged (Princess and Read more

Dec 24 2019

“At the same time, it must protect internet users from phishing, malware and denial-of-service attacks.” Read more

Jul 5 2018

yo, I was just thinking about that movie last week. Couldn’t remember if it was real or something my brain made up. Guess I’m not crazy.

Apr 6 2018

“If I try to kill my boss during the purge but fail, can he fire me the next day, or are all purge acts not punishable in any way? Read more

Apr 6 2018

His damn fine interpretive artwork isn’t limited to “just” superheroes...

Apr 6 2018

Cinder and Ashe reads like Conway was writing a 2017 TV series back in the ‘80s. It feels like something that would look good on the small screen.

Mar 12 2018

This movie is ready-made for people who want to clap at anything and everything they see. Read more

Feb 4 2018

The ban is only in the Los Angeles valley and is more for air quality than anything, so certain formulations get around it