Langdon Alger
Oct 1

I read all these books back in middle school and high school. I fondly remember Darkwalker on Moonshae, Azure Bonds and Crystal Shard. Weirdly, Spellfire I have no memory of at all. No plot points, characters, or scenes. I vaguely remembered the protagonist was a girl and it included FR Gandalf (Elminster). Even Read more

Sep 21

I quit all social networks in 2016 and never really missed them. The people I wanted to stay in contact with, I was able to with no issue. It’s funny because just before I quit, I was very conflicted about it. Would I lose track of all these “friends” I’d made? Would I become a social hermit? But in reality it had no Read more

Sep 14

Only if he also plays Immortus (distant future Kang) and Pharaoh Rama-Tut (Distant Past Kang).

Jun 25

Yeah, it’s surprising this wasn’t done a while ago. Song of the South is a dead IP for Disney, and has been for some time. I can only assume this was already in the works, and they are only publicizing it now to capitalize on the public opinion.

Jan 4 2020

I was looking at that image and it finally dawned on me. Though I’m probably late to the party

Dec 24 2019

Not true. Google has stated that all TLDs will all be give equal weight in search (.com vs. .brand, .london, etc.). SEO research has shown this to be true as well.

Dec 24 2019

Yeah, it does none of those things. I would like more explanation from her how exactly that would work. There is no vetting process for registering a .org domain. Anybody can do it.

Dec 24 2019

Why not use a .ngo instead? It’s actually a dedicated namespace for non-governmental organizations. Unlike .org, which anybody can register for any reaason, a .ngo domain can only be used by registrants verified as active, law abiding non-profits. Sure, it’ll cost you about $50 a year, instead of $15 for .org, but Read more

Oct 18 2019

I had a ‘98 4 banger almost exactly like this one. That Jeep topped out at 75mph, going downhill, with a stiff wind behind me. I had 30" Goodyear MTR tires on mine which didn’t help either. However, I loved driving it and it had plenty of low end torque to be a lot of fun off-roading. That being said mine was in great Read more

Aug 7 2019

Would be cool if they could bring back Mark Evanier, the writer from the original CBS series, to do this series. He’s a great humorist, comedy writer, and just a solid guy. He’s also Sergio Aragones’ other half on the legendary comic Groo The Wanderer.