4/10/20 1:32PM

Now, assuming you can get G/O Media’s broken comments system to function for you, discuss! What’d you think of that ending? Read more

4/09/20 3:48PM

Some of these suggestions are so stupid they’re not even entertaining. Tom is the only one that didn’t embarrass himself this time around. Read more

4/09/20 6:34AM

I’m the shrieking fanboy?  Dude, don’t have a meltdown.  I thought it was that bad...but I’m glad you enjoyed it.  I wasn’t trying to start a battle.

4/08/20 7:02PM

it sucks that she has a hobby that makes her happy. if only she was more like you, who is happy only in mindless consumption

4/08/20 2:03PM

I fully predict Stadia to be officially canceled by dec 2020. The value proposition is just not there, especially with Geforce Now showing you how they could have done it. Right now, it’s basically a Ouya 2.0

4/08/20 12:54PM

Pretty sure the pandemic has nothing to do with this decision. 

4/05/20 4:13PM

This is the scene I thought they were going to talk about.

4/05/20 1:21PM

But it’s talking about FF13. I still don’t get it.

4/04/20 6:52PM

I assure you that millionaires do not necessarily have taste. See also: the continued existence of Mansory.

4/04/20 3:55PM

Saw him in D.C. the week before everything shut down. Shocking 3rd-act twist: One of the funniest comics ever is still hilarious. A great way to spend 80 minutes (also known as “the amount of time some AV Club intern spent looking for the most obnoxious photo of Louis CK possible, since he’s the enemy now, but let’s Read more

4/03/20 8:56PM

I’d like to play Animal Crossing and Transistor on my new Switch, but my code minion is having me do code review this evening, and it looks like my whole weekend might be spent re-writing his code instead...

4/03/20 2:48PM

Not that this is a particularly attractive car to begin with, but that white horizontal stripe down the side does not help one bit.

4/02/20 3:26PM

“Oh god the humanity.

Says the kid who’s clearly upset that he’s gotta wait a little longer to play a video game.