Jun 15

It’s symbolic, in a very reading-Sarte-while-smoking-filterless-cigarettes-and-having-over-extracted-coffee kinda way, of the way the French build cars, where once in a while something will just be bolted on facing the other way. Because who’s to say that’s not OK, no?

Jun 2

That grille looks like pure hot garbage, especially with the way the license plate bisects it. Did the designers not even take that into account? 

Jun 2

No, I’m sorry, but no. It doesn’t. It looks like a Chinese knockoff of a car from Grand Theft Auto. 

May 26

I read that and thought you were going to refer to a Canon printer, and thought the paper pick up motor might have more power too....

May 7

Favorite 4CV Feature (not shown) is the very prominent filler cap centered just under the rear window. Chromed and much more elegant than expected on a low level auto. A solid contender for Best Fuel Cap OAT...
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May 5

We really need these colors back. Very tired and bored with: white, black, red and grey.

Apr 8

I believe the original Morgans used cuneiform.

Mar 2

Just a picture to remind everyone that BMW used to make beautiful automobiles.

Feb 24

So for a mere $8000, I can get a 911 with a Screaming Chicken on the hood direct from the factory. Cooool!

Jan 27

I would argue that the first “Genuinely Modern Car” was the Citroën Traction Avant.

Jan 9

Yes, that was basically it, especially in the days before synchromesh. Which was long before AC’s time but the memory continued.

Dec 18

Being on tracks, they don’t require nearly the same field of vision as a car, and have evolved to just have the one eye.

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