Sep 16

Well, the front seats aren’t great and the styling still looks like a Honda Fit, but it’s otherwise not a bad vehicle. At the right price, say 20k, I’m sure plenty of people will be less-critical about its perceived or actual shortcomings.

Jul 20

I don’t know how to vote here. $4700 is too much, so it should be Crack Pipe, but the ad now says $3200, so the seller agreed that $4700 was too much.

Jul 11

You are a new dad. You won’t be cool for the next 10-15 years. Your life will revolve around the new baby then school/after school stuff. You will have drool stains on you/the car. You new cologne is eau de barf/formula. Cheerios and Goldfish will haunt the interior of whatever you buy. French fries and nuggets will Read more

Jul 10

The transmission is bespoke to the diesel engine in the Gladiator lineup, and comes with “more than 40” programmed shift maps that are supposed to be “variably optimized for specific capability.” Read more

Jul 8

Saw old, jacked up, coal rolling, Bro truck and the price, clicked CP

Jul 5

So the narrow stripe is appropriate?

Jun 25

50+ here as well, CP all day. Maybe if it had the original wheels and was $10k cheaper.

Jun 25

It is worth whatever someone will pay for it.

Jun 25

No way in hell. I’m sticking with my assessment.

Jun 8

I’d respectfully differ with Rob on his assessment of the pricing.
Read more

Jun 8

I’m with you, I don’t think this is a bad package for a cruiser and this certainly looks like a legit “old lady drove it to church on Sunday” deals, but I just can’t get behind $5500.  Maybe $4k.

Jun 4

At work I have a Chevy pickup, essentially the same vehicle with no rear seats, with the same drivetrain - 160hp, not that I ever need even that much - and its fuel economy is best measured in furlongs per firkin, because miles per gallon is just a little too ambitious. Read more

May 20

That dash! I forgot how amazing those 80's GM button dashboards were, I used to look in parking lots for the most button-filled cars. My dad’s Pontiac 6000 had the most of any car we owned. Read more

May 19

The rest of the hand-tool / shop tool industry is moving en masse to China, so even name brands are suffering. Eventually, China will get better at this. After all, they made your iPhone. Read more

May 14

I agree with you, but I also feel like I might need to share some of my blood pressure meds with you.

May 13

Rust? Fuckit, don’t fix it.  Basic maintenance and drive/thrash it into the ground.  

May 13

Teal would make it even better. 

Apr 21

This approach can lick my tisticle.