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NP. I know it’s Cool to Hate the CrossCabriolet, but the people who own them tend to like them and they hold values well. As far as I’m concerned, the only difference between this and an S2000 is that the CC wouldn’t be very good at an autocross.

Jan 24

This video does a great job breaking down what the cops are allowed to do, and where they went wrong, as well as evaluating how well all parties involved handled the situation. I highly recommend watching it as it’s very informative. This video is of the very in incident in the article.

Jan 22

Drunk, fat, and stupid is no way to go through life.  

Jan 22

When White folks start recognizing that White Supremacy is anti-White person, that’s when we’ll collectively have an “oh shit” moment.

Until then, defining your personality and identity on the blank page of “not Black” will keep on killing the souls of white folks.

Like I tell my students. Don’t give me that IDK, Read more

Jan 22

The Arch users will get this joke, but they’ll have to make install it first.

Jan 22

Need to recompile the latest headlights driver before I can head out tonight.

Jan 22

This country doesn’t deserve the grace that black people give it. After stealing our bodies for centuries of unpaid work, then after decades of attempting to keep black people as an underclass black people still are better Americans than white people because we have to be.  The grace that we give isn’t deserved by Read more

Jan 21

Just because it gets hard again doesn’t make the memories of hearing “is it in?” go away.

Jan 21

If you filter out the dead, the dormant accounts, the bots, and the sock puppets, we probably end up with less than 40 million actual persons on Twitter.

Jan 21

What am I supposed to do with the fact that Joe Biden’s official presidential Twitter account only follows one celebrity, and that is Chrissy Teigen? Read more

Jan 21

I think this thing would be a hoot at any Cars & Coffee. Also, that 1600 has a lot of potential. Those are great engines.

Jan 20

Shit. You can all pay me to talk with you. I have a PhD in Child development and 25 years experience working with young children including infants ( my actual specialty). Read more

Jan 20

You make an excellent point. What’s also unique about Jalopnik, besides the (mostly) quality writing, is the staff seems genuinely invested in the commentariat. Read more