Brian, The Life of
Aug 26

San Diego and adjacent, Oppos the East County Cars & Coffee is Sunday at 7am. Mary’s Donuts in Santee is the best

Jun 16

Not sure if y’all heard about the dad who drove his pickup over Sunset Cliffs with his two year-old twin daughters

May 15

So I’m considering a T5 swap for the Mustang. I can get a complete bolt on kit and do it in a weekend - if I had a

Apr 8

It seems half my social media feed these days is filled with people posting their amazing looking homemade bread.

Mar 23

I don’t know about you all but I will admit to having had some vague feelings of despair as our current realities

Mar 16
What’s new, Oppo?

I’m using the Corona virus precaution as an excuse to work from home today as I await my weekend purchase. Got this

Nov 25

Well Oppo, after 15 years, Friday marked my last day in the auto biz. After 10 years building claims and estimating

Nov 4

Looks like I’d really better light a fire under this thing. Don’t worry guys. We’ll get it done.

Aug 6 2019
RIP dear Charles

I’ve been a bit absent lately so I’m not sure if this sad news has been shared yet. Former Jalop and “virtual

Jul 29 2019

So, Looks like I’m buying a cheap fishing boat. What do you guys think of this deal. It’s a bit rough and needs a

Jun 4 2019
Oppo hivemind, assemble!

I’d love some oppinions on this. My Mustang has been in the shop for months on the slow boat to Partial Restoration.

Apr 17 2019
Happy Birthday, Mustang!

55 years ago today, Lee Iacocca and his team introduced a car that would become an indelible icon of 20th Century