Oct 31 2019

Yep, I’m only 6ft and there is zero way the seat in front of me can recline. I’ve had them try and told the person.

Meanwhile, I look over at my 5ft coworker and she is curled up taking a nap.

Apr 15 2019

As a friend of someone who dealt with this, it’s truly an addiction. They got through it, but it took help. Maybe you could not knock on people who are embracing a tool to help them reach a solution. Yeah, some people will go to this as an “easy fix”, but pairing this with increased exercise and working on a better Read more

Jan 29 2019

I definitely want more info.

There’s doing stupid things for fun... but this has some SERIOUS work put into it... like everything was done... well.

That is actually more perplexing, as in someone spent like $30k converting a $10k car to a $5k car, and used only the best materials.

I’m flabbergasted and want some serious Read more

Jan 25 2019

these words you write- “sleeping in”- I know they are supposed to mean something but I still don’t understand them.

Jan 23 2019

Throw gear in the back without mucking up the interior. Haul yard waste or power equipment. Tow small to medium trailers (7k tow rating). Get a lot of the benefits of a truck for the needs of a suburban homeowner without having to drive a behemoth. Look good doing it.

Dec 17 2018

No. Their employer is stiffing the staff. Customers should tip, but they are not responsible for complying with labor laws.

Oct 31 2018

- 10 minute sales? I’ve lived here 10+ years and never seen or heard of such a thing, and certainly not being assaulted without apology for one.
- Carrying toilet paper is no longer necessary . Almost everywhere not has toilet paper in the stalls, or near the sinks to take in with you. And virtually none of the masks Read more

Sep 26 2018

You may, however, run the risk of ending up like me, a grown-ass adult who still uses the email address I made in the 90s and feel a deep sense of shame everytime someone remarks “You still use Hotmail!?” Read more

Aug 20 2018

I mean, sure, we could have just said “some doohickeys get in the way of other doohickies,” but that’s not enough. You have a RIGHT to know WHAT doohickeys and HOW they move and WHY. Don’t fear knowlegde: embrace it.

Jul 6 2018

Passenger miles per gallon” in large SUVs and full size vans can make a Prius look like a gas-guzzler.

Jun 26 2018

I am adding every imaginable fat and combination of fats imaginable to that happy little bowl. 

Jun 26 2018

the kind of kids that enjoy plain popped corn