Ben Jay

You’re telling me the guy who thought juicing could cure his cancer might’ve been a big dumbass outside of his fairly narrow window of interests?

That is a really long way to write “boys will be boys”

When you’re not around, I bet ladies talk about how much of a nice guy you are and how they truly, deeply appreciate your respect for them.

He could have booked her a million dollar flight to the space station. If she said no when she got there he needs to keep his fucking hands to himself.  

My first thought when they won was “Good for Geezer!”

I know one guy who is going to be pretty stoked:

Shit. Get better and don’t let BIG HOSPITAL beat you! We miss you.

I’m sure John Oliver’s weekly English-language comedy show on a premium American television channel was a major part in Brazil electing a fascist psychopath.

This is by far the most common and short sighted argument that I see. Wringing hands worried about what the “other side” will think or do.
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So, Americans who served in the military “own” the flag more than the rest of us. Got it.

You don’t speak for all veterans. Veterans do not get to decide what the flag/anthem mean to the citizens of this country. Read more

You can repeat yourself as often as you like, and you’ll still be wrong.

i as going to give you a star, but i flipped a coin and you lost.  

I referenced this today in the lunchroom at work, saying that now drinking Pepsi is the newest way to own the libs.  Everyone looked at me like I had three heads.  It was then I remembered that they spend all day working, while I surf the web reading phrases such as “own the libs.”  

Swanky Frank’s in Norwalk is now Jamaican Jerk Chicken, which is admittedly pretty decent for being in New England. That being said, if you judge all of CT by Greenwich, you’re missing out on so much more that the state has to offer. We also have large swaths of the state that are plagued by the latest drug epidemics ( Read more

As a former Norwalk resident, I miss Swanky Franks.  Best Fried or Grilled hot dogs and awesome onion rings.  RIP

Chik-fil-a and Oregon. #corrections

England did the most England thing and added a superfluous ‘u’ to “go forth”.