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Sep 24

We knew the drives would work. I for one was not aware I could unplug the drive connected to my Xbox One, filled with games, and play those games instantly from that drive on the Xbox Series X and S. 

Sep 23

Only when there’s a burrito inside.

Sep 9

It’s going to look awesome choked with dust. 

Aug 24

No! They come with cases! I was concerned as well. Cases and inserts. :) 

Aug 12

There is no shame in this. 

Jul 7

It makes me stupid happy. :)

Jul 7

Oh yeah, I have a full set of Shuraking, the Dinobot combiner, and he is MASSIVE. I also have the full set of Iron Factor’s Spirits of DEC, which combine SO nicely. And various other third party bots. Quantron from Maketoys as well. Full box set there.

Jul 7

I have watched all of them, yep! My least favorite was the Transformers one, oddly, because I knew most of it already. 

Jul 7

They are mostly a very nice size for a $25 specialized toy. In cube form they are something like 2-inches square? The little raptor ones are smaller, but also cuter. For the most part they come in this cube cases that connect together. I have nine of them so far. I want them all,. 

Jul 7

I support Chris on Patreon. $2 a month of those videos is all me. I feel powerful. :) 

Jul 6

Because I have a wound that’s in a bad place for a seated position. 

Jul 6

Ideally I would have a large monitor mounted to my ceiling. Maybe that’s what I will do once the all-new, all-giant consoles come out this fall. 

Jun 12

Was there one other than Dragon’s Crown? Muramasa and Odin’s Sphere did not have huge breasts either.

Jun 11

I am secretly hoping that is true. 

May 27

I asked if they had review units and we laughed and laughed.

May 20

In America, Ramune bottles would be 1 liter and the glass bead would weigh half a pound. 

May 7

There are no less than 8 keyboards within arms reach of me right now.

I am in my living room. 

May 5

This is probably something Variety found on a USB stick some bonehead left at Medieval Times.