6:28 PM

Judge Joe Brown claims to be a proud, unrepentant man, and yet is too afraid to say “pussies” online.  What a pussy.

4:02 PM

Start the event on time. Don't make me wait till 1am eastern. 

3:23 PM

I did not realize these were that cheap. *desire to spend squanderously intensifies*

2:50 PM

I once played a game like this in college, it was during the Bush/Kerry election cycle and we made a drinking game out of the debates. I had to take a shot every time W made a grammatical error. Read more

2:38 PM

I animated the BABY YODA concept art because I have no life.... (but what little life I have, I want to devote to raising an adorable baby yoda muppet...)

2:36 PM

What Do You Want To See From Tesla’s ‘Cybertruck’ Event Tonight?

2:32 PM

Being Bladerunner inspired, this truck will be designed to do dangerous jobs no other trucks should be doing. Have a lifespan pre-determined, and go mad and kill us all. Read more

1:31 PM

So the Guys name is Vlad. I am disappointed in you Jalopniks for not recommending an Impala SS, Either the 1994-1996 or the 2006-2009 w the V8. The reason...

2:28 PM

Well, see: the plan waaaaas.....I’d write a check for a million and get that cush European Ambassadorship, right? Beaucoup parties! I mean, I’m a fun guy? Everyone knows that! Then they throw Ukraine at me. I was like, OK? WTF, but, OK, right? Don’t they have an ambassador? And then I saw her and I was like, OK yikes, Read more

2:07 PM

Sondland is a rich, selfish fuck and there is no way he is going down for another almost rich selfish fuck like Trump. Read more

1:22 PM

It’s amazing how the thought of spending years in federal prison refreshes the memory.