Little Monsters Is a Skeevy-Cute Parade of Zombie Comedy Clichés That Works Despite Itself

Almost nothing that happens in Little Monsters will surprise you. People die comically horrible deaths, kids say and do cute things, characters become better versions of themselves by the end. It’s a greasy cheeseburger of a movie, utterly predictable in every way. But, hey, sometimes you want a greasy cheeseburger.

David Walker Is Betting on the Power of Black History and a Bold New Self-Publishing Gamble

David Walker is busy. He’s co-writing Naomi, a new high-profile series from DC Comics, along with Brian Michael Bendis and artist Jamal Campbell. He’s also working on Image Comics’ enthusiastically received Bitter Root with co-writer Chuck Brown and artist Sanford Greene. But, despite the fact that the veteran writer…