Eve Peyser
Eve Peyser was the night editor at Gizmodo.

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Nov 8

If you are ever in Japan, I _highly_ recommend the Meguro Parasitological Museum. It’s a veritable wonderland of horrifying delights, and (if, like me, you cannot read Japanese) you can look at everything and lie to yourself about whether or not they are human borne parasites.... Assuming you don’t, say, buy the Read more

May 29 2019

We are truly a failure as a culture and a species. May we all die in nuclear fire.

Mar 30 2017

Guess this just wasn’t his Luckey day.

Feb 28 2017

All the best Eve

Feb 28 2017

You will be missed Round this strange place! Best of luck at Vice!

Feb 20 2017

The story is exactly what you read. If you’d rather argue domain name vs website then 10 years ago that semantic argument might have been valid.

Feb 16 2017

the Thimble is the best game piece, bitch.

Feb 13 2017
This Plane Fucks

Happy Valentine’s Day! On Twitter Monday night, American Airlines effectively declared itself the unofficial airline

Feb 3 2017

My wife is a nurse. You would be surprised at how often she has patients come in with complaints of ear pain and there’s a cockroach in there. It happens far too often for me to be comfortable with it.

Jan 25 2017

I love the tag for this post. Well done.

Jan 24 2017

I work for the Park Service. I am going to continue posting science and facts on our parks website and social media accounts. This isn’t fucking North Korea and I’ll be damned if anyone tries to bully me into refuting cold hard data.

Jan 16 2017

Can someone do Hulk Hogan so Gawker can heal.