Billions schemes its way back to square one in a no-holds-barred finale


“Can people change” is a bit of an overwrought theme for TV these days, the motivating engine of a thousand antihero shows that almost always answer either “no, but it’s complicated” or “yes, but it’s complicated.” But it’s been the overarching question of this season of Billions, and it’s worked — because the show…

A reflective, funny episode of Steven Universe finds Steven going through the motions for his mom


During Steven’s last visit to Homeworld, he was a prisoner on trial for murder. Now, he’s basically Gem royalty, and bound up in all of the obligations that new status entails. “Familiar” digs into the details of what the Diamonds actually do all day, and what it means that the Diamond ranks now include Steven. It’s a…

Karolina hangs out with her dad and everyone else gets suspicious on a decent Runaways


Finally, some fresh blood... sort of. A lot of the running time of “Old School” is devoted to Topher. What’s his deal? Where’s he from? Why do his eyes glow like Molly’s? And should the other Runaways trust him? If you’ve read the Runaways comic, you know that the answer to this last question is “probably not,” but…