It's time for a joyous wedding and a tense family reunion as Steven Universe is "Reunited"


With this arc, a ton of 150 episodes’ worth of Steven Universe storylines are starting to pay off in real, seemingly final ways—or if not final, then at least something close to it. Bringing long-running stories to a satisfactory conclusion is hard on series with 22- and 42-minute episodes; it’s even harder with 11.…

Steven Universe finds itself torn as the Crystal Gems try to process new information


Rose Quartz actually being Pink Diamond is easily the most important piece of Steven Universe backstory we’ve learned since season one—and where for most of the first season, it was just Steven (and the viewers) who didn’t know much about the history of the Crystal Gems, here, everyone is finding out at the same time.…

Steven Universe casually shatters its own backstory with a pair of intense, internal episodes


Every run of Steven Universe Beach City episodes gets followed by some climactic events tearing open part of our understanding of the broader Steven Universe mythos. Is this what you were expecting? Both of today’s episodes move inexorably, slowly, toward decisive conclusions that set up major pieces of the season’s…