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3:55 PM

Halo: Reach is coming to the Halo: Master Chief Collection on Xbox One and PC on December 3, Microsoft announced today. It’s the first of the collection’s games to come to PC, and the first Halo to make that journey in a very long time.

12:35 PM

Shovel Knight developer Yacht Club dropped some wonderful news overnight: Shovel Knight: King of Cards and Shovel Knight Showdown will both come out on December 10. The first, a bonus campaign to the original game, and the second, a multiplayer fighting game spinoff, were originally set to release last April.

1:20 PM

Turn-based survival game Overland finally has a release date and it’s not that far off, arriving on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch on September 19. In Overland you travel across a post-apocalyptic landscape Oregon Trail-style in-between getting in tactical fights. We’ll find out soon if it’s as good as it sounds. 

4:55 PM

Apocalyptic ice age simulator Frostpunk got its first expansion today adding a new map for the game’s endless mode called The Rifts. The game is also getting a few more updates later this year, including a new scenario and a handful of other endless mode maps.