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Jan 8

Somehow the most shocking thing this week is what a contentious debate this still is! The people have spoken and I am ordering my rechargeable AA batteries right now. 

Jan 7

I never interacted with András personally, but years later still continually discover and am delighted by his old work at Kotaku. Wishing his loved ones the best. 

Jan 6

I’m sorry to hear that but also totally understandable. It’s terrifying to think what further violence will follow by people who now feel even more emboldened. 

Dec 17

Yea, it’s nice they were able to sneak it back in before the end of the year. 

Dec 17

They really need repackage like, half a dozen of these games into two separate anthologies and put them on Switch now.

Dec 17

Thracia 776 is the fifth game in the Fire Emblem series and the final one released on the Super Famicom. Read more

Nov 16

I had just come off 6-8 hours of playing yesterday and then more time this morning and actually just needed to turn my brain off (but wanted to still be accomplishing something--a couple season pass levels and enhancement prisms wasn’t bad for the mindless chill sesh). 

Nov 10

That could be a good part of it. Not sure how the gaming at your desk vs living room varies between country but I’m sure there are differences between the core Xbox and Sony markets. 

Nov 9

Yea, it was a nice surprise and I think they definitely learned from the first event re: setting expectations and also how long and drawn out to make it. 

Nov 9

It bothers me that there’s some ambiguity as to the whether the powers are freezy or crystal or both. Also that Stasis is a Darkness power but Void isn’t. I need symmetry in my elements.

Oct 28

They do look rad, although some seem like automated events rather than playable.

Oct 19

At least I’m not alone! That’s clever stealing the battery from DKC. I never thought to canablize one of my other carts!

Oct 12

Yea I just noticed it while giving the base soundtrack a spin on Spotify. It’s also fantastic!

Oct 8

You have no idea how much time and very serious thought I’ve given this these last few weeks.