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Modern gaming in a nutshell!  Read more

I hope there are like 30 Ringer podcasts about this show Read more

Thanks for pointing out that out! I’ve updated our story.  Read more

Yes I’m sure they are still losing money on it.

They can drive adoption with a lower price point or with killer aps, and so far not seeing where this middle ground will get them.

But maybe Horizon will be way more impressive than it looks so far (though it’s not even priced like a premium PS5 game which signals to me Read more

Fair, but given how seasons are frontloaded the reasons to keep coming back after the first 8 weeks really drop off. Read more

Let me see what Keenings I’ve got in my vault... Read more

Didn’t realize this, great point! Read more

That story beats have definitely been fantastic but the red border grind killed my enthusiasm and I really don’t like the structure of the new story missions (last year’s Splicer missions were laid out better imo). Read more

Ive been playing and yea it’s a train wreck. Still love the gameplay, absolutely do not understand why the expansion is so barebones. Read more

Sorry to hear that Guil. if you want to talk further. Read more

Also it should go without saying that private equity in particular buying Ubisoft would no doubt lead to pump and dump cuts and leave current developers there in an even more precarious position. Read more

It’s the real world, so everything, including Sora, looks realistic, but the real world, from the point of view of Sora et al, is just a fictional after life, i.e. what looks to us like Sora getting an UE5 make-over is actually the equivalent of a real character getting the Kingdom Hearts made-down. Is this still not Read more

Agree! Would LOVE if it excluded always online games or ones that need to server authenticate on startup. Even with Valhalla I’ve frequently had issues where it won’t let me save after coming back from Quick Resume.

As Burito below points out it still bypasses a lot of the initial startup but by that point I’d rather Read more

Updated in post but: DioField is multiplatform after all.  Read more

Some Deepsight weapons like the Tarnation Grenade Launcher only drop from the Wellspring. Others always have a chance to drop from any activity/engram. As far as I can tell there’s no real way to target farm them at this point which is one of the larger flaws in the crafting system atm (imo).  Read more

Corrected that part. You won’t need PS Plus to download GTA Online on PS5, just to play it.  Read more