Esmerelda Foofypants
Oct 10

I noticed that after I posted mine! I was telling my husband about it last night. All of the scares caused by women seem to be lady-ghosts. The scares caused by men are I’m betting the lady-ghosts were all done in by men.

I never did speak to him again. Never heard from him again. 

Aug 23

I wasn’t really around for this latest Splinter-focused iteration of Clashtalk either, but popping up to say ye olde Clashtalk bullshit was some of the most fun I’ve had in non-meatspace.

Aug 22

Both are glorious and spectacular
SassTalk and BarfyBarf
Thank you kindly
For your effort

Aug 22

So the same group of people who got indignant that their bosses balked at running a one-sided takedown of those same bosses are too thin-skinned to have a handful of commenters point out their inconsistencies in a little-seen forum? Read more

Aug 22

It’s either my blog or reddit. Although this makes me think of the episode of the office where Michael Scott is like, “i have no shortage of company names” when they threaten to drive him out of business