Apr 14 2016

Mmmm, yes. Love the extended leather, two-tone interiors. I’d love to pick up (or custom-create) a Daytona Violet/dark purple exterior 2002-2003 e39 M5, with the interior above. Something about purple and caramel tickles my fancy just the right way.

Apr 14 2016

Is this a trick question? BMW pretty much unanimously makes garbage interiors for their price point. Even today after “selling out” to better compete with Merc and Audi.

Apr 14 2016

e36 is my favourite M3 however we cant forget about these:

e24 m6

Apr 7 2016

To drift at speed you need grip, as counter intuitive as that sounds. That means that very powerful cars are set up for as much rear grip as possible hence the need for lots of power. It is a very odd sensation to be pushed into the back of your seat while going around a corner.

Apr 5 2016

“Koenigsegg owners aren’t willing to ship their multi-million dollar cars to Dubai despite the fact that I want this to happen and I would have fun, so this has to be a conspiracy!”
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Apr 4 2016

This is a very very tasty comment with a delicious nougat center. It is of the boutique chocolatier-level of comments, without question.

Apr 4 2016

He ninja edited, but fortunately my point remains understandable. Pretty amazing people over there at Koenigsegg, and we need those people who don’t just look at what others are doing and try to squeeze out revenue while being ‘in competition’ and mass-producing similar stuff. Read more

Apr 4 2016

I’ve stopped doubting anything Christian says at this point. Somehow 100 employees with an autoclave in a repurposed hanger are able to consistently do what no other car company is attempting.

Apr 4 2016

To be fair, there’s a LOT we don’t know about gravity now. There’s 3-6x more gravity in the universe than mass to exert it. Maybe the Koenis are running some dark matter witchcraft..

Feb 29 2016

Generally, people who do dumb things past the age of 25? end up being really dumb. That and he might have been under the influence.

Feb 24 2016

This applies to road cars too. Everything rode so much nicer before the unnecessary monster wheel and rubber band tire fad took over.

Feb 15 2016

Or this example. Which probably explains why BMW aren’t too fussed about loosing buyers when the next 1-series goes FWD.