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Aug 2 2019

From some pretty reputable experience, users are not coming to Kinja sites to watch video, unless it’s someone trying to eat as many eggs as possible, of course. Just read the comments. The whole building a video player from scratch and not having analytics part is so short sighted and a great example of being Read more

Jun 21 2018

Thanks for the comment Ernie. I tend to reflexiely Cmd + Q when my browser starts going through redirect loops/popping out “You’re infected, click here!” messages, so I don’t have a screenshot or URL to work with. But if/when I disable my adblocker again, I’ll try to be a bit more deliberate in my approach. I Read more

Mar 21 2018

As the titular character of Samer 2, I can guarantee that it is the dankest gane around.

Aug 23 2017

At least we get Ernie posting gifs of laughing villains. That’s a plus?