Erik Shilling
News Editor at Jalopnik. 2008 Honda Fit Sport.
12:53 PM

I was confused until I got to “the dealer’s service bay is open 24 hours.” That’s pretty sweet. The fact that I don’t know of any 24/7 auto repair shops in Los Angeles makes me feel like it’d be a good business opportunity. Read more

12:57 PM

His album of Modest Mouse Covers is a desert island disc for me....& his old RHP stuff

12:12 PM

Great article! I’ve been following Bob Snell’s articles and the level of stupidity and disregard for the members is disgusting. I am pro-union... But I’m not sure how the UAW avoids a federal consent decree this time. They literally spent funds earmarked for worker training on cigars, golf rounds and women to Read more

3:01 PM

Stroll has the right idea here. I predict he will make out handsomely as long as he doesn’t throw his weight around and do something incredibly fucking stupid like tell them to stick to cars.

10:53 AM

gm sold 20k bolts and everyone on staff routinely says it sucks and is a complete failure for looking boring, but if ford sells ‘even close’ to 50k (i.e., maybe half that? say, closer to 20k?) it’ll be a ‘raging success.’ good take

10:35 AM

Thanks for posting this. This song brings back of a lot of memories, thankfully not related to any grand gestures of love. First heard it at a Radiohead show in Grant Park in 2001. Here’s a link to the incredibly horrible video but surprisingly good audio.

8:16 AM

Informative post. I’ve been wondering what GM’s ultimate goal was with this lawsuit or what basis they were bringing it. Originally I thought they wanted to nullify their current UAW contract but I don’t think so. My question now is if GM was irreparably harmed by FCA corruption... Is Ford going to join the lawsuit Read more

2:39 PM

This is good shit for sure but imagine if GM didn’t have health care costs to use as a bargaining chip in the first fuckin place.

10:29 AM

Oh wow. I saw these guys with The Fucking Champs, Juicifer, and Drunk Horse at SXSW maybe in 2002. Badass show. I wonder if they’re still a band?

6:43 PM

I love the idea of the Fit, but unfortunately I just don’t... er.. well... fit...

3:07 PM

True story:

One fine midwinter day when my family and I were attending the local”winter fair” which is essentially a farming and livestock I drove in the gates,I looked over to see a Honda fit with a goddamned horse in the back!!!!!! Ok, it was a miniature horse, but still. the woman driving had a cargo Read more

2:00 PM

Great car. Driven one for the past 8 years.
That said, they are getting progressively uglier.

1:13 PM

“The show’s most frequent listener these days might in fact be Ray himself. He said he still listens to the show “all the time,” mostly to hear his brother’s voice and remind himself about times they had together. To remind himself of the jokes they shared. To remind himself of the good times.”

Thanks Erik, I didn’t Read more