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I was not alive for this and yet this is my favorite racing moment, explains the entire appeal of NASCAR:

are you just quoting me, devastating Read more

Proud of the “questionable content,” whatever that is?! Read more

I will regret asking but what makes me a “fucking terrible journalist”? Read more

You know I was waiting for someone to challenge me on the Zidane reference! Happy you did. He doesn’t quite fit in that group, I agree, but he certainly qualifies as sports lunatic. I dunno he just registers to me as that spiritually.  Read more

I legitimately cannot tell if this comment is performance art or not! I drove with my high beams on a handful of times at night over the course of a few months many years ago, it’s bizarre anyone remembers that; I don’t drive often because I live in New York City and use public transportation. And then I fixed it. But Read more

Yeah we’re all mad here at Jalopnik HQ that other productions are bigger. This is the big effort to strike back Read more

This hits too close to home! Obviously you get a star. Read more

You guys don’t have to read or comment! Strange that you still do. Read more

your story seems to completely validate the premise of the article that the police are bad at deciding who and when to stop? Read more

I don’t think you mean what entitled” means in this case, or you’re using it rashly. Anyway it’s fine! Read more

We definitely need a ton of barricades, that will help delivery workers and emergency vehicles get to where they need faster because instead of a clear road in front of them they will face a barricade. Read more

Hah I wish I was entitled! Sounds great. I am a poor, sadly. As the post said, delivery vehicles should be allowed. Not sure what barricades mean, or maybe that is a dystopia I haven’t planned for. Only wish I had a high horse to ride. Read more

Yeah my fault! I updated the post because I’m stupid. Read more

you sound like an automaker executive Read more

Yeah I think elsewhere BMW is doing the right thing! In the U.S. its response has been hmm Read more

Indeed, finally! Post has been updated. Read more

Hello! I’m interested to hear an anti-UAW argument! Or an anti-union argument in general! This comment is neither. Read more

Oh you are right that Titan started in 2003! Brain fart, will correct. The second sentence I didn’t mean all Titans, just the diesel ones.  Read more