Erik Shilling
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Jun 12

your story seems to completely validate the premise of the article that the police are bad at deciding who and when to stop?

Apr 27

I don’t think you mean what entitled” means in this case, or you’re using it rashly. Anyway it’s fine!

Apr 27

We definitely need a ton of barricades, that will help delivery workers and emergency vehicles get to where they need faster because instead of a clear road in front of them they will face a barricade.

Apr 27

Hah I wish I was entitled! Sounds great. I am a poor, sadly. As the post said, delivery vehicles should be allowed. Not sure what barricades mean, or maybe that is a dystopia I haven’t planned for. Only wish I had a high horse to ride.

Mar 24

Yeah I think elsewhere BMW is doing the right thing! In the U.S. its response has been hmm

Jan 9

Hello! I’m interested to hear an anti-UAW argument! Or an anti-union argument in general! This comment is neither.

Jan 6

Oh you are right that Titan started in 2003! Brain fart, will correct. The second sentence I didn’t mean all Titans, just the diesel ones. 

Aug 6 2019

Definitely a forward pass, also an insane amount of shots to the head that would get you penalized these days. 

Jul 18 2019

A lot of (most?) unions suck, but they’re better than the alternative. 

Jun 3 2019

I think I drove with high beams two or three times in the span of a few weeks before fixing it? I dunno, it was a long time ago now, I’m sure it’s in stone in a blog somewhere, but it wasn’t a daily driving situation. In any case I’m very fastidious about car repair these days, even though I take the subway to work. I Read more