Eric Limer
Aug 15 2018

It’s not my call whatsoever, and for whatever it’s worth, I’m sorry our site has gotten aggressive with ads lately. It sucks! No one likes ads, least of all the people who’s writing is cluttered up by them.

Mar 28 2018

without animal testing you have no progress in brain/medical testing/procedures, nothing. unless you want to go from concept to live human testing. live animal testing for cosmetics? hell no! as a pALS (people with ALS) i’m all for testing on animals. might allow me to speak again, or at least walk without falling over

Mar 24 2017

Extra credit for the trackball. Long live the trackball.

Oct 11 2016

Summarizing the reasons provided above for why this makes sense as “not liking him” is reductive bullshit. Those are facts, not feelings.

Jul 17 2016

I know I am a little late to the party (by about 3 years), but I am currently playing around with FreedomPop and figured I would add my experience so far.... I am an Amazon Prime Member so I bought the new Blu R1 HD phone for about $50. It is a GSM phone compatible phone. I got a FreedomPop SIM card for 99 cents. I Read more

Jul 15 2016

Did you catch your dog in the woods? Dogs are domesticated and seek out humans companionship. Are there domesticated Pokemon you can buy at the store?

Jun 27 2016

You probably won’t read thi reply since its an old post, but that gif is a cosplay for an anime called attack on titan. The character’s name is levi and he is a clean freak (hence the gloves and broom) and everyone finds him hot, hence the sexual “pole” dance on a broom stick.

May 24 2016

You should have bought a Windows 10 machine. But that's ok, you'll learn eventually.