8/12/20 6:13PM

The fact that these Corvette people are whining about their Corvettes being delayed either live in a bulletproof bubble or are seriously lacking situational awareness. Look around you! 2020 is a hellpit of sadness and uncertainty. Millions are in serious danger of getting evicted. This is not the time to throw a fit Read more

7/01/20 6:25PM

If a Jeep is around $48k then why are you surprised that it’s payment is so high? Aren’t E-trons around $80k out the door? Do you think dealerships own these things for free? Margins aren’t THAT great for most regular vehicles, with the exception being highly optioned big trucks/SUVS and luxury/high-end Read more

2/03/20 10:39PM

Sweet zombie Moses is that real? Like an actual designer signed off on that? Was somebody holding a gun to their kids head or something? 

10/29/19 8:31PM

You mean stick to summarizing YouTube videos and not actually doing any real reporting

5/16/19 3:17PM

It’s the only place they could get all the Youtubers to show up at, at the same time.

4/09/19 12:29PM

Thanks no I’m imagining an astronaut slowly gliding through the ISS solely on the power of their own flatulence. Maybe rethink Taco Tuesday and Red Beans and Rice Wednesday.

3/19/19 5:08PM

All they needed was a third insufferably condescending and overexposed car guy in the third seat to hit a McLaren F1 yahtzee.

2/22/19 9:42PM

Another commenter said a toothbrush will fix the speaker holes. 

12/19/18 4:43PM

I agree, Ron Perlman was a great, definitive Hellboy, in the same way Jack Nicholson played the Joker. Read more

6/13/18 6:26PM

The deal will fall apart when Fox tries to call Comcast to negotiate, only to get put on hold for 45 minutes, then transferred four times before they finally get fed up and sell to Disney instead.