10/19/20 5:54PM

The real problem with that line of thinking is that it flies in the face of what the founders actually wanted the constitution to be. Thomas Jefferson, in his papers to James Madison, wanted the constitution to be re-evaluated every 19 years. He believed that every generation should have the ability to mold their Read more

7/20/20 11:04AM

I had a friend back when Star Wars Galaxy was a thing. He ran a cantina is Mos Eisley that he named “The Bantha Poodo”.  This information makes that a little less amusing.

6/01/20 1:48PM

Now knowing the ambitious plans for “Year of Hell”, it makes the casting of Kurtwood Smith as Annorax make a lot more sense.  I feel like even pre-That 70s Show, he was a bit more of a recognized name than the average one off extra on the show.

1/15/20 12:26PM

I drive a company provided vehicle and they tell us specifically that we are expected to either back in or pull through when possible.  Sometimes, backing into a space in a busy parking lot isn’t a reasonable option so I end up looking for pull through options first.

11/19/19 11:30AM

Who’s to say that something can’t be both weird and awesome at the same time?

11/15/19 7:19PM

Nic Cage said it best. “There are too many self-indulgent wieners in this town with too much bloody money” 

6/21/19 1:10PM

Unfortunately, I think Reeves would bring just a little too much star power to any role he would inhabit. IMHO, the MCU has always been at its best casting under appreciated b listers and letting them shine. Keanu isn’t some dim star waiting to be discovered. He’s now the blinding sun that bathes us all in his Read more

5/29/19 4:15PM

They could resurrect the Dino name and everything so as not to pollute the Ferrari brand.

5/16/19 10:37AM

My headcannon likes to think that the dragon excretes two separate chemicals that combust on contact. Rockets use this type of propellant (hypergolics) for many applications like RCS thrusters, and the main propellant for the Mercury program’s Titan II booster. Upon close inspection, it appears that someone in 3d Read more

4/16/19 5:13PM

I can see a large helicopter slowly dropping water on a fire as working in principle. Two big problems present themselves though. First, you would need an ENORMOUS chopper to lift enough water to make a difference. Second, I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to maintain a hover in the thermals that a blaze like Read more

3/27/19 4:58PM

If this is anywhere near as enjoyable as Wooly World was, sign me up.

3/20/19 8:35PM

I genuinely don’t understand the obsession with having the largest wheels possible. Other than providing as much space as possible for the brakes (lack of brake power definitely not being one of the SLR’s faults) they serve very little purpose.  Especially on a grand tourer.  Bigger wheels generally increase unsprung Read more