Entropy Is So Degrading
Jan 18

not before someone mentions this old footage.

it has stuck with me ever since I saw it. monkeys gotta unionize!

Jan 17

I don’t really understand what the big deal is. The second Facebook bought whatsapp they where done. Anyone that thought otherwise is a fool. None of this should come as a shock to anyone.

Jan 13

I like the tie downs but I’m one of those weirdos who sometimes carries stuff in his truck.

Dec 31

This reminds me of those dickheads in M3s who leave their tow hooks on to try and show everyone make everyone think they were at a track day. It’s embarrassing and tries way too hard. Read more

Dec 30

You have not lived if, while waiting at a stoplight with a hangover and mildly murderous intent, you have not seen the rear windshield of a 15 year-old Subaru disintegrate and fall into the hatch after an onslaught of bass. It is one of the few occasions in life where schadenfreude truly is life-affirming. Still Read more

Dec 30

Sometimes it feels like you put stuff up here for us to just no dice it into oblivion

Dec 29

Wow, that’s some finger in a chest. Don’t forget, if I placed value on my time, I wouldn’t have commented OR become a car guy. 

Dec 18

hey man, i prefaced with “i’m sorry”. the internet has taught me that by doing so, i have free license to critic in rude and demeaning ways. Read more

Dec 15

Came here to say exactly this and you saved me the typing.

I will add though, as a vet, I enjoyed the ever-loving hell out of Space Force simply for all the little ways it captures the bureaucracy and skull numbing stupidity of the military as well.  

Dec 14

Since all of this happened years ago, my memory of it might be a little off, but IIRC, the courts essentially barred anyone from using the Gawker name, material, files or anything else else associated with the site. I suppose they could have started a new website called something else, but I don’t really see the point.

Dec 11

I considered doing that. But we get the occasional crazy rainstorm and I didn’t want to have the micro-USB port opened and exposed all the time. I realize its plugged in but was concerned about capillary action up into the camera housing. 

Dec 8

I think the real story is that David Hasselhoff sat in the stunt driver’s lap, if only briefly.