Eric Morgan
11:07 AM

Look, I know Uruguay are a bit of a dirty team, but to suggest fireworks?! That's a bit much.

11:26 AM

I think Costa Rica will look for the win here. If they win, they get out of the group. I don't think they want to play for a draw, and hope for at least another draw against England (regardless if England is already eliminated). Just get the win now, and worry less about that last game. Also, don't think Italy will Read more

11:52 AM

Impregnating Shakira has got to be exhausting. The fact that he can even stand up is impressive.

11:36 AM

I think that the problem with Spanish tiki-taka is that they sometimes view it as the goal of the game. You can play all the pretty keep away you want, but the goal is to put the ball in the back of the net. It's not like they lit the world on fire in 2010 scoring incredible amount of goals. But back then they had Read more

11:38 AM

Here's my insane and completely unaccountable Group G prediction: Germany's internal problems combined with a burning desire by Klinsmann to beat his old team will lead to the USA taking at least 1 point from their match with Germany.