ME Chambliss
Mar 5 2018

I know a couple of corporate executives who won’t speak on industry panels unless they are at least 40% female. Almost anyone with any sort of “demand” can do it. (One said he wanted to add a requirement that includes PoC but in talking with organisers and trying to work with them there literally just aren’t as many Read more

Feb 28 2018

It is not possible that he deleted the three words that would be most convenient to his narrative to delete by accident. Honestly, if you’re just forwarding an email to a news outlet I’m not sure how you’d delete any three words from the middle of the email by accident.

Feb 27 2018

And you don’t have to worry your money will suddenly run off with the bank account they knew in high school who they’re “just friends” with.

Feb 27 2018

Hot take: with more money you can land a better relationship too. Seed money!

Feb 19 2018

Yeah, I’m with this. Killmonger was wrong for all the right reasons. His liberation motivations for me were overshadowed by his thirst for power. Yes, he wanted to square the world’s wrongs...with himself as emperor. That’s not justice, that’s supremacy. And I don’t trust his arbitrary criteria for global equity, Read more

Feb 19 2018

In what way was his GF in his way? He was going to kill Klaue anyway. He also didn’t care if she lived or died. So the hostage nonsense makes no sense. She died because she dared to love and support him, that’s actually a closer parallel to real life than most of what happens in the movie. Choking a grandmother is ok Read more

Feb 19 2018

Loved the article, one thing I feel like we should talk about is how violent Killmonger was specifically towards black women. He was a revolutionary, true, but also a wanton Mysoginist. He killed his GF in cold blood, he choked out an elder, slit the throat of a Dora Milijae and his biggest diss to T’Challah was, i’m Read more

Feb 13 2018

Ugh, I didn’t realize Kevin Sorbo sucked. But then, I haven’t thought much about him in a few decades.

Feb 1 2018

No cashier gives a shit about the company they work for. That’s how racist they were. Their racism and want to catch a black man was so strong it overcame their incredible apathy about checking people out.

Jan 26 2018

All I know is, do not disparage Crockpot on Jezebel... I learned my damn lesson with you all yesterday.