Emma Baccellieri
Jul 20 2018

what do you guys think is the most transparently cynical practice in sports media 

Apr 9 2018

Well, Spring is the season for 33-year-olds to come back from the dead.

Feb 14 2018

Flynn looks like Bob Ross. Goddamn shame they didn’t name him Dog Ross.

Feb 1 2018

I’ve seen a few of these comments/emails so might as well say, yeah I went to Michigan. But for what it’s worth, a lot of people I love went to or still go to MSU, and I rooted for Izzo and Dantonio and loved Draymond Green and Kirk Cousins when I was a kid/teen. I want them to be a good, safe university. Read more

Jan 30 2018

“My Joshua Tree post, in particular, was mocked online,” White told me. “That’s one of the potential downfalls about writing personally online, especially when you’re a woman.” Read more

Oct 27 2017

I frequently enjoy your work, and I would hate for it to be disparaged by those who would fixate on a typo and ignore the rest of it (like myself).

Aug 15 2017

Geezus. I go check the bat flip to see how good it can be, but it is so much more than just the bat flip. Read more

Jun 16 2017

Gandhi said be the change you wish to see in the world. Today I made a difference. Activism works. Thank you. Baccellieri 2020.