Emma Baccellieri
May 4 2018

just plain brown, sorry to disappoint! The only time I colored my hair was at summer camp as a 12-year-old when a bunch of girls got shitty boxed dye on a trip to CVS; our counselor caught us using it and made us call our parents to let them know that we’d be coming home with different hair. (Mine was red, it... did Read more

Mar 9 2018

I’d like to formally apologize for having the topics Anne Frank + dating in front of me and failing to include this:

Dec 14 2017

Uh, it’s a legitimate crisis for the cartography community, I’m not going to let the fact that it’s “not sports” (debatable) stop me from trying to raise awareness.

Dec 8 2017

D.C. (because I already live here); Asheville, N.C.; uhhh Denver seems cool? I’d move to Denver.

Dec 8 2017

I’m currently reading The Art of Cruelty by Maggie Nelson, which is about representations of cruelty in art and literature, and it’s tremendously interesting and thought-provoking. (tho not rly what I’d call a “fun read”)

Dec 8 2017

I once ate at ten fast-food restaurants in one day for a stupid stunt in college, so while each individual order was small (though I did set a rule for myself that I had to order something at least somewhat substantive, I couldn’t just roll up and ask for fries), it was a very large amount of fast food overall.

It was Read more

Dec 7 2017

good point. delaware and pennsylvania both ratified the constitution in 1787, though delaware obviously came first, so maybe they should just change the names to align with the full dates to make the d-league team’s a smaller number: the delaware 12587ers and the philadelphia 121287ers. really rolls off the tongue.