Emma Roller
Senior politics reporter at Splinter.
Jul 3 2018

Stuff like this just convinces me I really need to restart my website. Not a lot of people read it and it’s just a small drop in a sea of bad information, but at least I can do my part. I never expected to make any money from it and since I’m chronically ill I’m not losing money from missed opportunities. If only Wix Read more

Jul 3 2018

I skipped the article looking to find exactly this in the comments. It IS sad. Best of luck, Emma. And best of luck, newly-understaffed GMG.

Jul 3 2018

I come to Splinter News to get the truth without the side of BS. I come here to chat with like minded folx who care as deeply as I do about fighting the Nazis. I come to Splinter because it feels like home. It’s safe here. Read more

Jul 3 2018

I know the number of staffers that took the buyout is a matter of public record (as The Tao that can be spoken pointed out earlier), but taken piecemeal, it really does feel like someone opened GMG’s guts, and some of the best writers and editors are now spilling out.

Those that remain are still talented, and are still Read more

Jul 2 2018

hi i just came here to say that The Dame Jo is a reader of multiple GMG sites, here is one of her and my conversations and reading this really brought a tear to my eye

Jul 2 2018

Ellie, I had lunch with Linc Chaffee on an island when I was a child. He was exactly as memorable as you would imagine; which is to say, I had to ask my dad a couple weeks ago whether or not Linc Chaffee was actually at that lunch or not. Read more

Jun 13 2018

AMEN! The tough part is squirreling away the 20% down with prices skyrocketing in my city. Rent has increased more than 40% in two years, so our ability to save has been impacted dramatically.
Read more

Jun 8 2018

I strongly believe this question is generational, especially if you’re in possession of a vagina: When you’re, say, 18, the city is AWESOME and sex is pretttttttyyyy shitty, but as you get older, those things start to reverse, so that by the time you’re in your mid-thirties, you’re approaching your sexual prime just Read more

Jun 7 2018

Every article posted on the gizmedia sites about Arpaio vastly understates just how utterly vile this man is. Every damn one. Even if trump had only pardoned him, that is totally unforgivable and a massive indictment of this administration. Arpaio is fucking evil - so much so that it takes a little searching to dig up Read more

Jun 6 2018

“Democrats should not rationalize @ZephyrTeachout’s behavior - what if the NY AG was a Republican who ran on investigating President Hillary Clinton? We must not go down this road. The powers of prosecutors are vast and easily abused.”

Oh fuck right off. This already did happen. I’m not even a Clinton fan and even I Read more

May 24 2018

Imagine being older than 15 and describing yourself as a “stoolie” unironically. It’s breathtaking.