With the end in sight, Castle Rock finally lets the cat out of the bag


The biggest revelation of “Henry Deaver,” the penultimate episode of Castle Rock’s uneven first season, isn’t the identity of Bill Skargård’s The Kid. It’s the atrocity visited upon André Holland’s Henry when he went missing as a child.

That Henry—let’s call him Henry I—was missing for days. But he was imprisoned for…

Quiet and richly creepy, “The Queen” is Castle Rock at its best


“The Queen” is the most affecting, effective episode of Castle Rock’s first season so far, and a potent antidote to the missteps of “Filter.” Where “Filter” plunges into exposition and a would-be harrowing sequence of previously unimagined terror in Odin’s anechoic chamber, “The Queen” does something simpler, and far…