Emily Long
Emily is a freelance writer based in Salt Lake City, UT.
Mar 19 2019

A new pot that is slightly larger and deeper. Don’t go too large—an extra 1–2 inches in diameter is plenty for a small plant, while 2–4 inches will do for a larger plant. Read more

Feb 28 2019

I’ve made it as far as the audition/mock game and this is 100% accurate. The thing I was stressed out about most was having interesting factoids about myself and not stammering awkwardly on camera. The “travel” or “pay down student debt” responses to “what will you do with the money” are an all too common answer, but Read more

Feb 28 2019

When I tried out (and this was before online testing—you sent in a postcard hoping just to make it into the testing pool), the thing that struck me most was how many people are MEGAFANS of Jeopardy and had pinned a shocking amount of their life hopes on getting on the show. They studied, they had books about the show, Read more