Emily Alford
Jan 20

Mitch’s beady little eyes in the background all wide like “Lies? This is the first I’ve heard of any lies.” 

Jan 11

I can’t remember the last premiere when I found so many competitors so compelling right off the bat. I am genuinely so excited for this season. But I’m with you, as of now it really seems like those are the two to beat.

Jan 5

I definitely meant cannabis anti-prohibitionist and just changed it. Have no idea where that wrong word came from except the rhyme.

Jan 4

I think that kind of sums up the weirdness I felt too. I’ll never forget Latrice dying laughing on that spinning platform being hosed down with paint, pretending to take off her panties in the pile of trash, and just keeping the shoot going. That...was not this. 

Dec 22

We can talk about other things! What animals do you hate? I can tell you different things I’ve recently spilt on my dog.

Dec 15

If I could have, I would have likely spent the rest of my life studying, like, the use of staircases as a literary device in Gothic novels written from 1792-1813. Not even writing about them. Just finding the the staircases and noting the page numbers. It is probably for the best that my degree is terminal or they’d Read more

Dec 14

I’m counting all my years in college: did my BA in 3 years plus a summer, MA and MFA were another 3, 3 years of coursework for the PhD, and then one year with a fellowship when I finished my dissertation. But because I am truly a one-trick pony, the whole decade was spent in English departments at 3 different Read more

Dec 12

Ha! Sorry, I’m so used to getting furious emails over typos that’s where my mind immediately goes. We both spelled it right! 

Dec 10

I feel into an archaic bedding rabbit hole while researching this! It’s fascinating! As are the origins of the terms “making the bed, “ticking,” and “hit the hay.”

Dec 10

Literally from the source I cited just below written by a professor of architectural history at Northeastern University and author of multiple books about the history of American homes.   

Dec 5

I gave out a bonus point each time someone corrected my spelling, which is admittedly terrifyingly bad, and hopefully proved by example that perfection wasn’t the point of writing, effectively advocating for one’s own ideas is. Also, Hawthorne himself didn’t even spell it Hawthorne until he graduated college, so I’m Read more

Dec 4

I spent a decade assuring college students starting my classes terrified of books that I gave even less of a shit about the symbolism of the color green than they did. 

Nov 25

I’m referencing the plot of Mysteries of Udolpho, in which a fake Italian nobleman holds a woman hostage so she’ll sign over her Toulouse estate. See, this is exactly why my Gothic Studies in Travel Safety curriculum should be widely adopted.

Nov 6

Thank you! Ashley may be right about everything else, but I stand firm on my opinions about who is fuckable on that show (pretty much everybody except Connor).