Buy an original prototype for the hoverboard from Back to the Future Part II on eBay

Crack open that futuristic piggy bank, Hill Valley nerds: There's an original prototype of the hoverboard used by Griff Tannen in 1989's Back To The Future Part II listed on eBay. It's not the hoverboard used on screen, but it's an exact replica, and it's desirable enough to have a buy-it-now price of a mere $12,995.

When genres clash: Watch Dirty Projectors cover Usher’s “Climax”

Four members of alt-rock darlings Dirty Projectors performed Usher’s 2012 hit single “Climax” yesterday for a dubious audience on Triple J, an Australian radio station, during its morning-show segment “Like A Version.” Projectors lead singer Dave Longstreth really delivers vocally, despite having to periodically check…

Watch Paul Giamatti act out scenes from Twilight, You’ve Got Mail, and Magic Mike

In case the public was uncertain whether Paul Giamatti is a certifiable sex god, all rumors were dispelled yesterday with this video uploaded by Vulture.  Prompted by Julie Klausner, Giamatti performs scenes from several well-known romantic films and absolutely shatters Hollywood’s feeble understanding of what a real…

Hear how different REM’s “Losing My Religion” sounds played in a major key

MajorScaled TV found a way to sing a happy tune—even if it was a sad song to begin with. The group has pepped up REM’s “Losing My Religion” simply by switching the chord progression from minor to major. The group has also turned three other frowning songs upside down: Django Reinhardt's “Minor Swing,” The Doors’ “