Elena Fernández Collins

Phoebe Judge has finished The Mysterious Affair at Styles and yesterday started reading The Hound of the Baskervilles. It is truly aural valium. Read more

And if you’re a woman, your work e-mail has to strike a very delicate, near-impossible balance between “friendly” and professional. Too light of a tone, and you’re not taken seriously because you’re a flighty woman. Write in a matter-of-fact way that’s similar to your male colleagues, and you’re a joyless ballbuster. Read more

So I accidentally lied. He does not have a scarf...though I could have sworn he did. He does however have a hat and boots and is still adorable and useful. And I photographed him in my tiny cast iron because it has a similar story... Went from "why do I need a pan this small?" to "this is my favorite pan". 

I see you’ve listened to CARAVAN. Read more

I realize I’m woefully late on this but I just discovered Archive 81. It’s pretty good! I was introduced to it by way of an appearance by Oscar Rios (an RPG writer for Call of Cthulhu), who appeared on another podcast I’m a big of, the Miskatonic University Podcast! Read more

Victoriocity is brilliant, and I’m glad to see it here. It’s one of those delights where they lay absurdity on absurdity but somehow manage to play it with a straight face until you just hit a moment when the entire towering edifice of absurdity suddenly strikes you and you just die laughing. Without ever losing the Read more

Thanks for the inclusion of some fiction pods. They sound really intriguing. Read more