Oct 25 2019

I mean, it’s pretty rude to ask a softball question of a soccer coach.

Sep 1 2019

9 people from Toronto and no hits... what is this, Broken Social Scene?

Apr 26 2019

“presumable” because I haven’t watched a minute of MLS this season so I’ve not had the chance to subject his performances to my own visual examination Read more

Apr 17 2019

Gabe, I couldn’t agree with you more. Had they trusted the ball like that to me in those situations, I would have risen up and baked the bacon. I’m talking really thrown it down. All these jump shots from the millenials these days. Bollocks. Slam the butter. I’d be upset too but after a chryogenic shower and some Read more

Nov 12 2018

I got the chance to meet him at the first Comic-Con (Montreal) I went to some years ago. I was in the bathroom and I guess he had his call of nature at the same time as me. I didn’t want to pester him because that’s not why people go to the bathroom but still took the time to say thank you to him for everything he Read more

Nov 11 2018

Because, like the rest of America, he hates Tom Brady.