Sep 1 2019

We all chewed and dipped tobacco on my high school baseball team. It was the 80s, a more gentle, innocent time when chewing was viewed as the healthy alternative to smoking with those Walt Garrison “just a pinch ‘tween yer cheek an’ gum” Skoal commercials. That was before the mouth and gum cancer research started to Read more

Jul 10 2019

Fun fact: neither Jordan or Jenna were convicted of their assault charges (they both pled out, got probation and avoided convictions). 

Dec 12 2018

For non-Anglophiles, Morrison is Scottish, so it’s not very English at all. A British beef, maybe.

Aug 27 2018

I was trying to figure out if you are serious or doing a note-perfect parody of some knuckle dragging buffoon. Whichever, I did laugh quite bit. So thanks. Read more