eL Pata
8/15/19 5:34PM

He’s a role model for every high school kid, surviving a cock block on the way to second base.

6/13/19 2:14PM

I once lied about eating the last two Oreos in the package. My wife asked me if I’d eaten them and I said yes and she got mad. But I actually hadn’t eaten them yet. I lied about having already eaten them just so I could save them for later and eat them while she took our daughter to soccer practice. And then I ate Read more

4/26/19 7:19PM

If there is any increasing level of acceleration the big rip always happens. If there is any increasing level of deceleration a big crunch always occurs.
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4/15/19 8:49PM

Don’t you see? Allowing the players to fight allows the players to police the game themselves. Without fighting in hockey, star players such as Sidney Crosby, Paul Kariya, Eric Lindros, Keith Primeau, Cam Neely, Marc Savard, or Pat Lafontaine could all miss significant time or have their careers shortened by cheap Read more

3/30/19 12:26AM

Sad/Angry Virginia Tech fan after the Duke game here... I don’t have anything meaningful to say but fuck both these teams, fuck referees, fuck the owners of these teams, fuck San Francisco and Silicon Valley in general, fuck the NFL while I’m at it, fuck the raiders and warriors for leaving Oakland, fuck Jon gruden, Read more

3/29/19 11:57PM

the nba has been reffing to drive narrative for as long as ive been watching, im getting old its been a while. Read more

3/15/19 5:45PM

Goddamn, man. This being Deadspin, I want to make a joke...but I just can’t; nothing about child abuse is humerus.

2/26/19 9:13PM

If only there was a rule that existed that Vlad Jr. could only bat in games, while working on his fielding and physical aspects.

12/14/18 12:53AM

OH GREAT, another berth. Just what the Rivers household needs!

12/10/18 6:39PM

As fun as watching Serkis rip the utter pish out of that execrable woman, what you lot are witnessing is the slow and painful death of Theresa May’s Premiership. My Grandmother - who won a fucking huge chunk of change in the 1990s when Thatcher flapped off into the night - made a bet with me that May wouldn’t last Read more