Ellie Shechet
Ellie is a freelance writer and former senior writer at Jezebel. She is pursuing a master's degree in science journalism at Columbia University in the fall.
12:38 PM

Ellie, you and Drew Magary are not just my favorite writers around here, you are two of my favorite writers, period. Delighted to see your work again, and looking forward to the same from Drew.

3:50 PM

Let me guess. It was Block Island. I’ve only been once, many years ago, and Lincoln Chafee was at a restaurant we were at. I had no idea who he was, and I can’t even remember why I was there. He came over (!) and said hello to us and we all stood up and shook his hand and wished him well. He must have been running for Read more

2:00 PM

hi i just came here to say that The Dame Jo is a reader of multiple GMG sites, here is one of her and my conversations and reading this really brought a tear to my eye

1:40 PM

Ellie, I had lunch with Linc Chaffee on an island when I was a child. He was exactly as memorable as you would imagine; which is to say, I had to ask my dad a couple weeks ago whether or not Linc Chaffee was actually at that lunch or not. Read more

4:42 PM

The first time I saw this movie, I knew a little bit about Watergate. The more I learn about Watergate the funnier this movie gets, turning around various details to frame Watergate around a pair of teen girls is just done so well, right from using tape to keep that door in the Watergate open. Read more

4:30 PM

We have a very important school report on turquoise jewelry due in two days, and we can’t find any books on it, and the President’s having us followed. It’s too much pressure. Read more

3:52 PM

This is the best I could do. It’s incredibly unfortunate that there’s no gif (or even a youtube clip), because that’s hands down the best part of the movie.

3:46 PM

This really is a tremendous movie, and similar to “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, it is great in such an earnest, goofy, warm-hearted, and funny way. I normally prefer darker, more snarky humour, but this movie is one of the few exceptions. Read more

3:13 PM

Highly underrated gem. My wife and still sing ‘I Honestly Love You’ to each other in an exaggerated voice sometimes.

2:55 PM

Dick, Drop Dead Gorgeous (possibly the best teen movie of the last 30 years, and yet I believe impossible to find streaming or even on DVD?), Bring It On, and Get Over It. Kirsten Dunst was the unsung hero of the teen comedies of 96-01 and I LOVE HER.

Dick taught me that I wasn’t the only person who loved arm tickles, Read more

2:03 PM

tag yourself, i’m These Mark Zuckerberg Cutouts “Poked” Me Right In the G-Spot

11:50 AM

I chose taxes because they provide INFRASTRUCTURE. So congrats on having your phone bill paid—public schools and libraries are now DEAD (along with the middle class and public transit).