The Good Place annotated: “Don’t Let The Good Life Pass You By”

In addition to being one of the best shows on TV, The Good Place is a dense knot of running jokes, visual humor, references to dense philosophy tomes, and breadcrumbs for later episodes. In order to help you keep it all straight, The A.V. Club will be annotating the show’s third season. Catch something that we didn’t?

Lucy Davis on getting sick from Shaun Of The Dead and watching the U.S. version of The Office

The actor: Lucy Davis’ career has always moved between comedy and drama, from Jane Austen to zombie-killing to a career-launching role as Dawn in Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s The Office. She’s long been a regular on British television, and will be most familiar to U.S. audiences as the bubbly Etta Candy from…

Season 2 of Making A Murderer begins to reckon with its success, but becomes Reddit bait


The second season of Making A Murderer attempts to grapple with the deep scars wrought by the success of its first—for about six minutes, encompassing the montage of news headlines and local TV clips that open the season premiere. It comes across as well-intended but half-hearted, though it still frames one of the…