Elizabeth Blackstock
2:08 PM

I’ve never seen too much about the race track that was where Hartsfield Jackson International Airport is in Atlanta either. Kind of a cool bit of history.

2:08 PM

Fun Fact: That air base is now a place where Lockheed Martin restores/repairs C-130s. They do low flights over our Michelin research facility constantly.

2:08 PM

Apologies to jump into the comments of a review of a film I’m in but NO the carbon footprint is NOT REMOTELY the same as F1 and that should be obvious to anyone.

9:53 AM

Hyundai (Kia/Genesis) is very quickly becoming THE enthusiast brand(s). Their recent cars, future cars, and their dedication to motor sports really is drawing a lot of great attention from the car community.

11:00 AM

Man, that NASCAR/NRA feud started just in time to fill the motorsports-sponsor drama hole this split created.

3:54 PM

“Starting a full-time job here at Jalopnik while also attending graduate school full-time for two degrees, getting married to someone in a different country, and trying to write an entire novel proved to be a little too difficult for any extracurricular reading...”

11:14 AM

Joe Satriani was (and still is) one of my favorite guitarists and musicians to listen to. The first song of his that got me hooked was Surfing With the Alien, and the rest was history. Got to see him live a couple of times. He still jams even today.

8:14 PM

Thank you. I’m the kind of person who endlessly researches a new multi-player game before starting, because I don’t want to cause any problems for teammates when I first start. I do the same thing before meeting a potential client as well, so I was curious what the expectations were in a situation like this as well as

6:34 PM

Don’t worry, as long as you have a good attitude and are putting in effort your instructor won’t care how slow you are.

6:28 PM

As a seasoned instructor, I wholeheartedly agree with you advise. Sounds like you ticked all the novice mistakes (almost everyone makes most of the same mistakes when they’re new). Braking too lightly for too long, turning in too early, and busy hands are the textbook novice mistakes.

5:24 PM

I’ve only done one track day (it was awesome!), but I’ve put in a ton of wheel time on GT, done a decent bit of karting, and have driving pretty aggressively on the street/mountains. I was in the novice group, and found myself passing all of the old men in Z06s and GT500s (both much faster than my car). I didn’t

5:17 PM

Even better, have an experienced instructor drive YOU around the track in YOUR car. I’ve always been amazed how fast my car can turn laps with a seasoned driver behind the wheel.

4:34 PM

Good article and interesting take. Realism vs “gore porn” is a fine line. As a critical care physician, I have seen my share of blood and death. Popular media often misrepresents the realities of such situations. Dirty, dehumanizing yet unavoidable aspects of death are almost never portrayed while heroic and romantic