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4:35 PM

It really was a great movie. My wife knows the bare bones of the Shelby story and even less about Ken Miles. She was smiling, laughing, and damned near crying throughout the movie. To build a motorsports movie that a non die-hard motorsports fan can enjoy to that degree is pretty impressive. 

4:31 PM

The important thing is that this is a big car movie that isn’t another fast and furious movie. Was there any big studio car movies between this and Rush? And what was before that? (I’m not including last year’s Drive because nobody knew that existed). It might honestly be Talledega Nights if you can even count that. 

2:10 PM

Your hubs: “But what about our future plans for lots of children?”

2:08 PM

House savings, pfft. I’m reminded of a quote from the ancient Jalop scrolls, “you can’t race your house, but you can sleep under this slot car table.”
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1:21 PM

Ahh the early 90's, back when 20 years old girls looked like 45 and 30 years old metal dudes looked like 20 years old girls.

9:00 AM

Hmm, you hang a burlap sack on Graham Hill’s Moustache, and it is going to look like the collest modern thing ever invented. I mean, it’s Graham Hill for Phil’s sake. For effective, I still prefer rain X. 

4:16 PM

As a self-proclaimed tire-nerd and huge F1 fan, this was a great read! Thanks for all the info.

2:25 PM

I got a chance to take a Yokohama tires at Petit LeMans about 10 years ago. They only had a couple of cars running Yokohama tires in the races, but still had 2 or 3 tractor trailers there. The thing that amazed me the most were that the rain tires were hand cut by some old Japanese dude.  Apparently it was as much art Read more

2:07 PM

Those mechanics must be really worn out and tired by the end of a race weekend. I’d be completely deflated on Monday morning.

2:23 PM

It’s right after 9/11 and I’m flying Southwest from Burbank to Laredo for work. It’s a typical Southwest 3 stop trip because the place I worked for was too cheap to pay for anything else. The first leg takes us to Phoenix which is about an hour flight. About halfway through, there’s a commotion behind me with a

12:29 PM

For me, it would have to be my flight into Baghdad International Airport in April of 2004 on a C-130 Hercules. At that point I’d been in the military very close to 6 years, so I’d done some stuff and had knew a landing in a combat zone wasn’t going to be routine, but the plane was filled with National Guard troops Read more

1:43 PM

During its 69 years of existence, F1 had V10 cars on its grid for about only 15 years.

1:46 PM

I was following Indycar religiously back then, it was just as great as F1 with different chassis/engines and different combinations of both. Read more