Bike Selfies

Thought I follow up on Nasty Crone’s idea in one of her comments.

Show us your bicycles and tell us a bit about your trusted version of transportation. What do you love best, what do you hate the most? How is it biking where you live?
How do you transport stuff? Rack, basket, panniers, trailer, backpack?


Morning OT

The shitty weather has returned after a week of warm sun and the hope of a nice spring. Well, I know why I budgeted some money for the bus this month. *sighs*

I managed to accidentily trigger our alarm system when trying to close the store. Luckily I’ve heard that particular nasty sound before otherwise it’d have been…

KDrama rambling

In case you want to read a recommendation, just scroll down until the funny wedding picture. :p ;)

I just finished watching “The Night’s Watchman’s Journal” and I just...can’t. For about 16 episodes it was fun dumb, where people acted dumb...and then they did even dumber stuff...and then some more! And I didn’t care!…

Early Morning OT

I‘m having pizza for breakfast, because I can. This is one of the perks of being an adult.
The downside of being an adult is that I reaaally should do the dishes, but instead I’m sitting on the couch in pajamas, waiting for my pizza and I’m 100% those dishes will still be sitting there when I leave for work. This…

Lazy Sun. Lit. Post

I hope it’s okay I post this one.

It’s been forever since I had that kind of “book after book” thing, it was way easier to just settle into binging some TV shows, but I’m slowly starting to get back that cozy “evening with a book” feeling.
Today I cracked open “Hidden Figures” by Margot Lee Shetterly and am blown away.…


My Home Is Your Castle

Saw that at a hotel the other day and had a good chuckle.
It’s been two months since I moved and today I finally conquered the bedroom aka the last bastion of Random Moving Boxes. Looked through all, some of the few books inside got a place on my shelves, everything else got sorted, I was able to rip apart or put away…