Early EU Bird OT

Opened a letter from my bank today and...found a letter from my private health insurance inside. They had asked my bank to forward this letter to me, because they couldn’t reach me otherwise. Fun fact, they have my current address on file (it was the address they mentioned to the bank, so the bank must think either me…

Apparently I can't YNAB

YNAB finally updated their mobile app to something useful, but something I did just completey fucked up my budget.
When I opened the new App I had overbudgeted by roughly 5€. I adjusted that, deleted some categories I had rarely used and bam couple hundred € overbudgeted.
I’m pretty sure I can’t reverse that and the…

I know that guy

I just watched the season 2 finale of “Man in the High Castle” and I’m super sure that this particular scene with the very big crowd cheering at the Nazi command is Trump’s personal wet dream.

Since the first appearence of Inspector Kido I thought he looked familiar, for some reason (sudden laziness, whatever) I never…

Small stuff (OT)

I’m currently watching “Man in the High Castle”, which at least for now is really good and it brings me great joy that so many poor American actors are forced to say Obergruppenführer multiple times per episode without batting an eye lash. Some are even capable of pronouncing it almost right.

Are you kidding me?

I just don’t understand the rage car drivers are able to build up when it comes to cyclists in the street. Luckily my city is rather safe for bikes, but sometimes there is this one person who absolutely loses his shit (it’s always men) because I dare to ride in the street.
Yesterday a car passed me super duper close on…

Bike Selfies

Thought I follow up on Nasty Crone’s idea in one of her comments.

Show us your bicycles and tell us a bit about your trusted version of transportation. What do you love best, what do you hate the most? How is it biking where you live?
How do you transport stuff? Rack, basket, panniers, trailer, backpack?


Morning OT

The shitty weather has returned after a week of warm sun and the hope of a nice spring. Well, I know why I budgeted some money for the bus this month. *sighs*

I managed to accidentily trigger our alarm system when trying to close the store. Luckily I’ve heard that particular nasty sound before otherwise it’d have been…

KDrama rambling

In case you want to read a recommendation, just scroll down until the funny wedding picture. :p ;)

I just finished watching “The Night’s Watchman’s Journal” and I just...can’t. For about 16 episodes it was fun dumb, where people acted dumb...and then they did even dumber stuff...and then some more! And I didn’t care!…