Eleanor Sheehan
Night Editor, Splinter
Nov 22 2017

Honestly, resignation does seem like the right move at the moment.

I am, on some level, troubled by the idea that a person’s career can be tanked on the basis of allegations alone (though that photo from the first allegation was pretty damning), but when multiple accusers come forward, we’re only left with two choices:

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Oct 2 2017

I’m really disappointed that so many people commenting on this post just want to vent on this guy for being an idiot on gun control for so long. Yes, he was stupid, now he wants to change for the better. Any positive change, whether civil rights, women’s suffrage, LGBT rights etc. has required people who were wrong to Read more

Sep 21 2017

Retired law enforcement here. Allow me to toss in my two cents here. Based on the information given here, the cops were way wrong. They had no way of knowing the man was deaf and mentally handicapped and that was the reason for his failure to communicate with them. The only thing they knew was a man was walking Read more

Aug 29 2017

My mother used to broker their insurance. Said they were not nice people. Actually, she said they were NOT nice people, emphasis hers.

Jul 20 2017

On the surface, it’s just another alternate-history take. Okay, yeah, from a disassociated intellectual standpoint, no problem. But, well, context is kind of important. Lots of comparisons to Man in the High Castle, which makes sense, again, disassociated intellectually. Read more